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Hey, I’m Ian.

Thanks for taking the time to visit feedBubby!

I believe in something simple: Sharing food is sharing a story.

I started FeedBubby as a blog dedicated solely to documenting my travels feeding my girlfriend — From Seattle to Japan, to Hawaii and back. Now, that blog has grown with a bigger goal in mind. Through uniting foodies, lovers of food, and culinary experts all driven by a similar passion, I hope to accomplish two things:

For Our Readers

… I hope I can expand your palette. Through interviews and only the best photos, videos, articles, vlogs, and consistent food content, I hope to help you broaden your culinary experiences, find your next favorite restaurant, and understand new foods in entirely new ways.

This blog especially goes out to all my friends and families who have asked me for food recommendations in the past. Thanks for trusting me. Here’s hoping I can help more of you out, too!

For Businesses

… I hope I can empower you. You are an artist. Sharing food is a way of telling a story. And I hope I have the means to help share your kitchen story with the world.

Whether it be through helping with your social media strategy, filming an interview, or taking a picture of your food, I hope I can become a resource you can rely on to help brand and market your craft. Ultimately, I’d love to create something for you with equal passion as the one that drives your own crafts.

FeedBubby Promise

My blog may contain links to external websites, advertisements, or affiliate links. Affiliate links mean I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links (at no cost to you). The proceeds will help pay for the site’s upkeep. The rest will go to some charities I believe in, listed below:

Let’s Talk!

Question? Concern? Want to go on a foodie run? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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